Anaesthetic Services

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Recovery room


This is the area where you will most likely be waking up from your General anaesthetic. A nurse will continue to monitor your vital signs and you will remain connected to themonitors until it is safe for you to return to the ward. Should you need any additional pain-relief or any other medication, either the nurse or the anaesthetist will give these to you.Should you have had a Regional-anaesthetic, you will still pass the Recovery room until it is deemed safe for you to return to the ward.



When can I start to eat and drink again?


In case of a Local/Regional anaesthetic, you may be able to eat and drink soon after surgery unless you have had heavy sedation.


Following a General Anaesthetic you may be able to eat and drink after a couple of hours.


This may vary in certain types of surgery, but you will be advised by the staff caring for you.






Once the Surgeon and the Anaesthetist are satisfied with your recovery you may be discharged from the Hospital. You will be given adequate painkillers to take home with clear instruction of how to take them. Please follow these instructions.


It is recommended that you do not return to work, operate machinery or drink alcohol in the first 24 hours after an anaesthetic. You should not drive a car for at least 36 - 48 hours after an anaesthetic. As different Insurance companies vary with their rules, we highly recommend you confirm this with your Insurers.


It is also recommendable to avoid signing any important documents (e.g. Will) during thisperiod of time.

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Preoperative Visit


Arrival to hospital

Induction room


Going Home

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