Anaesthetic Services

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Who is an Anaesthetist?


Anaesthetists are generally understood as the doctors who 'put you to sleep for surgery'.


An Anaesthetist is a physician trained in anaesthesia and peri-operative medicine to deliver anaesthesia safely to patients. This includes a preoperative evaluation, consultation with the surgical team, creating a plan for your anaesthesia and provision of pain control after the surgery.


Your Anaesthetist is registered with the GMC and Royal College of Anaesthetists(RCOA) or equivalent. Every Anaesthetist takes part in the ‘Continuing Medical Education’ program run by the College.


You will meet your Anaesthetist prior to your procedure and discuss your past surgical and medical history as well as the important aspects of your upcoming care. It is your Anaesthetist’s job to oversee your wellbeing during the procedure.

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Who is an Anaesthetist?

Types of Anaesthesia


Side Effects


Smoking and Chewing gum

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